Who is Juan Diego

Apart from being the founder of Real Partnership, a full-service marketing company specialized in real estate, Juan Diego is a passionate entrepreneur who believes and breathes personal development.

Having been mentored and influenced through various seminars by personalities such as Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, John Maxwell, and Robert Kiyosaki, he is passionate about sharing his experiences and strategies to help others get to the next level in life and business.

Juan is set this year to become one of the youngest certified leadership coaches from The John Maxwell Team, this being one of the most recognized and important leadership organizations worldwide, while also currently finishing his executive career at Harvard University.

With a background in real estate and a broad experience in marketing he decided to start The Real Partnership, a company he credits all the success to his talented team and out going partners.


What can you expect


This mentorship program was created for real estate professionals that want to learn how to take their business & brand to the next level.

The main difference between our partnership and our mentoring process is that by partnering with us we design & execute absolutely all your marketing plan while with our mentoring process we help you design and teach you how to effectively execute your marketing plan.

During this process you will have eight 2 hour coaching calls where Juan Diego will guide & keep you accountable. The topics that you will learn include:

  • How to create a brand story, brand identity, and brand personality.

  • How to plan your social media content with less than 15 minutes a day.

  • How to connect & engage with potential clients on a daily basis.

  • How to write effective copys to convert your audience into clients.

  • How to stand out from competitors by giving value through videos and vlogs.

  • How to collaborate with other business owners to grow your audience.

  • How to set up Facebook ads to market your listings and attract home buyers.

  • How to create a retargeting campaign to maximize your ad budget.

  • How to design and implement a complete sales funnel to attract more business.

  • Mastermind meetings with Juan Diego to plan your monthly marketing strategy.


Why is it important


Marketing is the number one reason why businesses thrive or fail especially in industries like real estate where the foundation of success is relationships and the competition is very high as well.

Some professionals have not yet understood that if in the next 5 years they are not relevant online chances are they will struggle to grow their business or even have no business.

Attention is everything and now a days the best way to stay in touch with potential clients is on social media. You want people to see you everyday so they think of you everyday and by giving value constantly when they’re ready to sell or buy a home you will be top of mind.

The main reason why this mentorship program is important for your business is because trying to figure out how to brand yourself online will take more time and effort than learning directly from Juan Diego who specializes in real estate marketing and whom can prove his strategies work through his partners success.

Remember, best known will always beat best. It doesn’t matter if you have more knowledge, more talent, or offer a better service. If people do not know who you are they will always work with someone that they do know, who invests in their marketing, and has built a strong personal brand.

Contact Us

You can be part of the mentorship program by paying the initiation fee or have it at no cost by partnering with us. If you are interested and want more information please send us a message today, we want to connect with you and help you grow even more.

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