How Can A Realtor Build A Visual Brand Identity?

A checklist of every visual element needed to support a Real Estate brand.

In the Real Estate world having a strong realtor visual brand identity is a must, only because they are too many realtors to compete with and you really need to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re building a new brand or simply refreshing an old one, your brand’s visual identity is the most important factor. Personal brands with a consistent visual identity resonate with their customers more effectively and get the added benefit of having to spend significantly less money in the long run on advertising and marketing materials.w

So how can you create a visual brand identity that will help you get more clients and create a network in the long run? Simply follow these checklists and you’ll have an effective framework to build a visual brand identity that will last.

  1. What Does My Visual Brand Identity Need?

Here is a simple list of items to include while building your brand’s visual identity:

    • A simple color palette – This should feature 1-3 primary colors and 2-3 secondary colors (Black and white count).
    • A primary logo mark and wordmark.
    • A secondary logo mark and/or wordmark – This should be designed to be used in place of your primary logo, like on a t-shirt, hat, or pencil.
    • Fonts – These can be as simple as Helvetica or they can be custom-built. If you’re looking for ease of use, pick a widely-distributed font that is available on all computers. If you want something more distinct, you can pick a lesser-known font or even build your own.
    • Textures – This can be a complex pattern or a simple color overlay that you put on top of photography. No matter what you do, make sure the textures you include can be used on everything from printed pieces to your website.
    • Rules for photography – These don’t need to be in-depth but give a general idea of what type of photography is “on-brand.” Do you want people in your photos? Should you see their faces? Should pictures be posed or more dynamic? Colorful or black and white?

Once you have these items, your brand’s visual identity should be fine. Anything above and beyond this is extra credit:

  1. What Are Some Extra Items You May Well Include?Some people believe these items are not totally necessary however, everything related to your clients should have some brand presence so they can easily be related to you.
    • Email Signature – Take your font and your color palate and whip something up. No need to over think something that Gmail will probably cut off anyway.
    • Headshots – For a consistent brand image across social media the headshots are vital.
    • Backgrounds –An iPhone lock screen with the logo on it. We only recommended if your customers will see the lock screen.

Once again, for some realtors, these items are necessary but don’t treat them as necessities for your brand unless they make sense.

  1. Now, What Should I Do With My Visual Identity?Once you’ve built a great brand identity, it’s your job to use it! Without effective implementation, a great brand means nothing.
    • Throw your brand a party –You’ve put in all the hard work of building a brand, now you need everyone to know it. Best way to do this? Throw a party, invite your team’s friends, family, clients, and communities. Then, share your brand’s vision. Raise a toast to your new brand identity!
    • Give your brand a voice – Want to start blogging? Posting on social media? Going to trade shows? Now that you have a visual identity for your brand, you should develop a voice to match it. This is how you develop consistency within your brand that reverberates through every consumer touch point.
    • Give your brand a job – Once your brand looks and talks like a winner, it’s time to give it a winning job. Your brand should be your best salesperson, so use it for things like inbound marketing or outbound marketing at trade shows.

An effective brand is only effective if it makes you money!