How To Be The King Of Showings For Real Estate Buyers

 5 Tips to have a successful showing day.

  1. Mark all your routes on your GPS:Even if you must drive the entire route the day before, be sure that you can take the most direct route to each home in turn. Your buyer clients are hiring you as an expert in the area and the properties listed there. Don’t damage that expectation by driving around unable to locate a street that’s been there for ten years or more.
  2. Print all the home information:There’s no such thing as too much information when you’re showing homes to real estate buyers. If for no other reason, having things like floor plans, survey plates, and restrictions documents, you’ll be able to answer questions they’re sure to ask. If it’s their first time in a subdivision, some information and covenants from the subdivision would be a great thing to have in their packet. You have your printouts and they should have their own copies with a clipboard and pen for taking notes. Even a map of the area for them to keep would be a nice touch.
  3. Make Sure Your Lockbox Key Is Updated and Charged: With security being a big issue, most MLS lockbox systems now have a requirement that the access key is updated either monthly, weekly or daily. Make sure that yours is ready to use. Also, always check or replace the batteries and carry spare ones. It’s a bit embarrassing to be unable to access the key of a listing. While we’re on the subject, put the key back in your pocket or it’s a pouch on your belt before you go in. Leaving it in the home and locking up will ruin an entire showing day.
  4. Answer your client’s questions and give them space to appreciate the house:Your principal role is to facilitate the location of properties, present them to your buyer clients and answer their questions to help them make decisions. If your buyers express that they’d like you to lead them around, then do it. Otherwise, they’ll probably appreciate your presence to answer questions without too much feature-pointing. If you’ve developed a good relationship, your comments are probably appropriate, however, you don’t have to like or dislike the home… they do.
  5. Review the showing day with your clients:After you show all the houses make sure to go over the entire day. Don’t expect that you’ll remember everything, or that your clients have the same thoughts about a home as they had when they were in it. Over coffee, or just in the car, go over each of the homes and get their opinions and perhaps their final “no” to each. Ask if there is any follow-up on particular homes they’d like you to do. Maybe they now would like to see one of them again, and you can schedule a return visit. Do this review when you’re not moving and can take notes.
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