Realtors Here Are Some Tips To Manage Better Your Time And Stop Working 24/7

7 tips to boost your productivity and stop wear.

There is one thing that is absolutely true and that is the more stressed you are the harder it is to sell real estate. AND, you want to know what stresses most people out more than anything else? Working more than 40 hours per week. Even worse, studies have shown that working more than 40 hours a week makes you LESS productive.

You can work 60 hours a week, but after an initial boost, your productivity falls off a cliff. And if you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time there is a simple solution: Work smarter not harder.

Here are 7 ways to become a lean, mean, selling machine that still has time to take the dog to the park or spend a weekend with your family or friends.

  1. Prioritize Your Daily Tasks: First figure out which tasks are absolute priorities, which are important but not THAT important, and which tasks are straight up time sucks. Make a list of all the real estate tasks that you do on a daily basis, and put each one into one of four categories:
  • Do first: These should be the core tasks that directly earn you money like cold calling, door knocking, managing Facebook ads, and responding to new leads and current clients.
  • Schedule: Important, but not urgent, you should schedule tasks like researching a new CRM, networking with listing agents, optimizing your website, and segmenting your leads.
  • Delegate: Here’s where it might get a little tricky for some agents. Delegating tasks is great if you have the help available. Can you delegate social media? Hunting for email addresses? Screening cold leads?
  • Don’t do: These are the tasks that aren’t helping you at all. For most people, it will be social media related. For example, have you been spending an hour a day on Pinterest for six months with nothing to show for it? Probably time for a new strategy.
  1. Automate outreach & lead nurturing with a good CRM: A good CRM that helps you reach the right lead, with the right message, at the right time. What’s going to happen when you have 5x as many leads to deal with? How are you going to remember all their birthdays, closing anniversaries, move dates, preferences, etc. etc? Chance are, you’re not. A great CRM can save you HOURS of work per day and help you nurture leads long enough to become clients and closed deals.
  2. Delegate: Hire an overseas virtual assistant for more mundane tasks like updating listings, social media, finding contact information, lead qualifying, appointment scheduling and more (click to know what you can get outsourced) . You can hire part-time or full-time workers and can even browse workers profiles to find the perfect match for your budget and specific workflow.
  3. Start or Join a Team: What top producing Realtor do you know that doesn’t have an assistant, an ISA, a closing coordinator, and a few junior agents? The answer, of course, is almost none. Teams allow team leaders to delegate. That means they can work on small parts of the business that they’re great at. If you want to work in real estate but have tons of leads, lots of support, and a whole lot less chaos, join a team.
  4. Use Time Strategically:Instead of sitting at your desk and attacking a million little tasks at once, you block off large chunks of time and tackle one at a time. This guarantees you will be more focused, and therefore more productive. Let’s say you identified cold calling as one of your important tasks to schedule. Instead of sprinkling calls throughout the day, mark off say, two hours every morning to set aside for just cold calling. Stuff will happen. Your days and mood will change. Think of your schedule more of a strong suggestion rather than a command.Your brain can only truly focus on one task without wandering for around an hour. That means getting up and taking a quick break every hour or so and then returning to your work will make you much more productive.Working a billion hours per week is not going to make you rich and famous. In fact, if you learn time management for Realtors, use time strategically, hire help, start a team, use a great CRM or up your ad spend, you will close more deals working fewer hours per week.