Century 21: Journey Of The Rebrand Of The Most Dominant Names In Real Estate.

Century 21’s logo was the most recognizable in the industry, and they transformed to the next level.

Century 21 takes the risk of changing their logo and they absolutely nail it. Their goal was to “defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences”, no easy feat for any brand, but doubly hard for an iconic brand synonymous with traditional real estate branding.

They keep some of the core branding elements of the old logo like the gold/black color theme and brought them into the modern era full of luxury and sophistication. It manages to evoke glamour but remains approachable.

They also designed a monogram that can stand on its own. If you want to get an idea of how important that is, think of how iconic the bitten apple brand mark is for Apple.

The font is elegant and cool looking, but again, approachable. The key? Century 21 developed an entire brand concept rather than just a quick update to their logo.

The new look is very modern and clean and on the rebranded site, they showcased how the branding lives, not just on signs but on tote bags and marketing materials. The brand is in line with millennial tastes and preferences for san serif fonts, unfussy designs, and bold, declarative statements that can be easily recognized and understood.

Watch what Pentagram Design Studio did for Halstead and BHS.

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