3d Virtual Tour A Must In Every Real Estate Campaign

The ultimate always open-house.

3D Showcase is an online experience for homebuyers to move through the property and see it from any angle. When it comes to luxury real estate, it’s vital to produce 3D tours in the best quality possible.

Most traditional visual marketing methods bring different pieces of value to each audience. For a long time, 2D photos have been the industry standard as they bring definitive value to agents, buyers, and sellers alike — and for good reason. Beautiful images of a home can drive interest and emotionally engage a potential home buyer. They can also impress a home seller who wants to know their homes will be marketed in the best light possible, which can win an agent a listing.

Hi-res real estate photography will continue to be a critical part of any real estate marketing campaign. But technological innovation never stops. Today, amazing real estate photos are only part of a successful equation for the buyer and seller. The future is in 3D virtual tours.

More than half of home buyers start their search online. More and more of those individuals are looking for a home that is not located in their immediate area. Moreover, the younger, digitally ‘native’ first-time buyers want to get a real sense of how a home really looks and feels beyond static photography.
Dynamic, 3D visual tours can be a huge differentiator which can set an agent apart from their competition. It has been proved it generate more leads and more qualified leads.

  • Virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours.
  • Properties featured with virtual tours get 95% more phone inquiries.
  • Properties featured with virtual tours receive 65% more email inquiries versus those without and virtual tours generate 49% more qualified leads.

3D virtual tours engage buyers in a way words and photos cannot. One important advantage is that unlike an open house or home visit, with a 3D virtual home tour, the prospect can take their time – from wherever they may be located – to delve into any feature that would make a house or apartment feel like a home.

For agents and sellers, the experience factor is vital for winning listings and building a business in a highly competitive marketplace. And it’s a way to show more details of a house quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively in a format that is modern, enjoyable, and memorable.