Netflix Shows That Every Real Estate Agent Will Enjoy

For real estate agents who want something to pique their interest, Netflix has something special for you, too.

Sometimes after a long day of showings, it’s fun to just sit at home and watch shows about other people’s homes. Here are the best house hunting and home improvement shows on Netflix. Watching other people fix their houses, buy new houses, or even just explore other people’s houses is the best kind of escapism there is.

So if you’re a Real Estate Agent who’s in need of an escapist fix, here are the best shows on Netflix to keep you relaxed and entertained:

  1. Grand Designs:

    Grand Designs stands out because it commits to showing you the entire planning, building, and enjoyment process of a house in each episode. Not only are the designs beautiful, but the actual engineering of the homes is fascinating, and you come to love the owners who put all their money, energy and time into building a house of dreams. The show tells the complex problems home-builders encounter during the design and construction process, and when you see the end result is even more magical.

  2. Stay Here:

    This show isn’t exactly about homes… it’s about Airbnbs (and all the variations thereof). Stay Here follows an interior designer and a marketing expert as they take a struggling short-term rental owner under their wing, and transform their dilapidated apartment, or mediocre rental home, into the kind of place that can occupy the highest ranks in the hospitality business.

    For a Real Estate Agent helping an investor to rent their property this is the perfect show to get inspiration from.

  3. Amazing Interiors:

    Amazing Interiors is a kind of a docu-series that showcases some of the most remarkable interiors in homes around the world. Each episode is dedicated to introducing you to three different homes that have completely unexpected interiors, such as a huge aquarium in an apartment, or a fully-decked bar in a basement. Introduced in the words of the owners and builders — sometimes with the show following the makeover process itself — you get to see the wild motivations that inspired such unexpected homes.

  4. Big Dreams, Small Spaces:

    This show isn’t about homes — it’s about gardens. But just like with home improvement, garden improvement can prove extremely wholesome, and is particularly calming, since it involves plants, streams, and cute plant-related innovation.

  5. The Great Interior Design Challenge:

    A British reality show that has the objective of finding the best amateur interior designer among 12 different contestants. Each episode takes on a group of designers competing to design rooms for real families, in different regions of Britain, each one with its own unique architecture — and it all leads up to a grand finale.

    As realities go, it’s extremely drama-free and very oriented towards the beauty and creativity of the process. In the end, even though contestants get eliminated, you feel happy that everyone has had a great time and learned a lot from the experience.

  6. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes:

    The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is like the most calming tour of the world you’ll ever get. Each episode takes you, along with two very charismatic and wholesome hosts, to visit amazing homes in very different settings: forests, mountains, beaches, and even underground.  Not only do you get an idea of the design process behind the house, and explore its fascinating interior, but you also get to enjoy the little things alongside the hosts — the view at sunset, the comfort of couches and beds, maybe a little barbecue in the spectacular back yard. It almost feels like you’re on a vacation yourself.


    So, what are you waiting? Go chill with all these Netflix options!