Our Vision

Our vision is to create a strong partnership with top real estate producers, where we both align in result driven strategies and consequently grow our businesses together.

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Our CEO is crazy. He decided to partner with the top real estate agents in every city of Florida and not charge them for our marketing services to build their brand. Instead he helps them grow their business and will only take a commission based on the transactions that close due to our marketing efforts.

The Real Partnership program is designed for realtors that currently close more than $10 million a year and that have the leadership to build a team. Within our partnership we help you attract more clients and also recruit agents through innovative marketing strategies designed by the creative team.

Our marketing director, audiovisual producer, community manager, graphic designer, and digital analyst will make sure you are one of the most relevant realtors in your city and that your business continues to grow.

Our Partners

Yesenia Aviles
EXP Realty

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Sandra Montano & Nuria Laso
Urban City Realty

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Eric Soto & Mario Zendeli
TC Orlando Homes

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Yennyfer Garcia
Empire Network Realty

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Abel Henriquez
American Realty Experts

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Marcela Camacho
Agent Trust Realty

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Luany Henriquez
American Title Trust

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Rick Nayar
Artesian Title

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Contact Us

If you are interested in a possible partnership please send us a message today to discuss further details. We look forward to speaking with you.


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